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Spear 5-String Active E-Bass V-DXE 5 Ebony Top with NeckThru

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Spear 5-String Active E-Bass V-DXE 5 Ebony Top with NeckThru




The V-DXE E-Bass is one of Spear’s most cherished models. This model features a beautiful ebony top that looks so good you may get caught playing in front of a mirror just so you don’t have to take your eyes off of it.


The V-DXE model features the amazing 5-ply maple and mahogany neck-thru, an innovative construction thinner and faster playing than ever before. Ash body, Ebony top, Indian Rosewood fretboard, and 2 Spear active pickups for the more aggressive tone that made Spear electric bass guitars become a must have.

Fast powerful, and easy on the eyes.




Neck: Thru
Machine Head: Spear Diecasting 21:1 with Syn. Ebony Knob
Strings: D’Daddario (045~135)
Neck Material: Hardmaple, Mahogany 5-ply
Fingerboard Material: Indian Rosewood
Fretwire: Large 2.7mm
Body Material: Ebony 7mm Top + Ash 35mm Back
Pickup (Front): Spear BB112S
Pickup (Rear): Spear BB112-1S
Bridge: Spear Diecasting BB104
Controls: 1-Vol, 1-Bal 2-Band EQ(Tre,Bass) ACTIVE On/Off Switch 18V Batt Inside
Available Color: Satin/NOP (Natural Open Pore)



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Jika mau berdagang dg jujur, mk Allaah SWT akan mdatangkan rizq dr arah yg tdk dsangka2… bkn dari apa yg kita jual.. dmkian arahan Baginda Rasulullaah SAW.






AH 5-VDXE rear AH 5-VDXE rear1 AH 5-VDXE toggles AH 5-VDXE top AH 5-VDXE tunersAH 5-VDXE angleAH 5-VDXE backAH 5-VDXE fretsAH 5-VDXE headAH 5-VDXE knobs


Spear 4-String Active E-Bass S-2 Fl

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Nama BarangSpear 4-String Active E-Bass S-2 Flame Maple + Walnut Top with Neck Thru
Harga Rp (Hubungi CS)
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