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TC Electronic

TC Electronics Effects
Hall of Fame Mini Reverb Miniature TonePrint Enabled Reverb Pedal Hall of Fame Reverb TonePrint Enabled Reverb Pedal Ditto Looper Intuitive looper made by guitarists for guitarists
Corona Chorus TonePrint Enabled Chorus Pedal Dark Matter Distortion Instant Distortion Gratification Flashback Delay Compact Delay with Tons of Features
Flashback X4 Delay Delay with Presets, Tap Tempo and TonePrints MojoMojo Overdrive Overdrive Heaven is Just a Stomp Away ND-1 Nova Delay 6 Studio Quality Digital Delay Types
NDR-1 Nova Drive Analog Overdrive & Distortion NM-1 Nova Modulator 7 Stellar Modulation Effects NR-1 Nova Reverb 5 Studio Quality Digital Stereo Reverb Types
PolyTune 2 Poly-Chromatic Tuner PolyTune Classic Poly-Chromatic Tuner PolyTune Mini Ultra Small Poly-Chromatic Tuner
PolyTune Noir Ultra Small Poly-Chromatic Tuner RPT-1 Nova Repeater Simple Yet Powerful Delay Pedal Röttweiler Distortion Ultimate High-Gain Guitar Pedal
SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger The Original Chorus Flanger Pedal Shaker Vibrato TonePrint Enabled Vibrato Pedal Spark Mini Booster Miniature Booster That Brings Tone To Life
Spark Booster Awesome Clean Booster – And Then Some The Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Pedal Vortex Flanger TonePrint Enabled Flanger Pedal
Alter Ego Delay TonePrint Enabled Custom Delay Pedal Trinity Reverb TonePrint Enabled Custom Reverb Pedal Switch-3 Remote Control for Nova System

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021 9374 9561
0856 1772 722
0856 1772 722