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Rare Danelectro DC59 Reissue 1959 Jimmy Page

Kategori Danelectro, Electric Guitars, Signature Series, Vintage
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dc59reissue head



Danelectro 1959 DC Reissue Electric Guitar


A true American classic guitar.  Even touring pro’s who can afford any guitar they want frequently have one of these in their rack, ready to make an appearance 4-5 times per show.  I’ve seen Clapton use this model as well as Dave Matthews just recently and, of course, Jimmy Page was probably the pro most associated with the ’59 DC.  Specs are much the same as they were back in the 50’s with a Hardboard (aka Masonite) top and bottom with plywood frame, Hard maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 25” scale, 21 frets, taped “binding” around the body, chrome bridge with rosewood saddle, headstock painted to match body, stacked pots for individual volume and tone controls with 3-way selector, “lipstick” pickups – brass tube w/chrome plating with original formula 50’s style Alnico magnets, and “D” tuners, which were a vast improvement over the strip tuners found on the very first reissues.



dc59reissue tuners




  • Right-handed electric guitar
  • Original Factory Spec 1959 Reissue Electric Guitar
  • Faithfully reproduces the classic electric guitar manufactured from the mid ’50s through the late ’60s
  • Unique “bottle” shaped headstock
  • “Lipstick” pickups

Jika mau berdagang dg jujur, mk Allaah SWT akan mdatangkan rizq dr arah yg tdk dsangka2… bkn dari apa yg kita jual.. dmkian arahan Baginda Rasulullaah SAW.




dc59reissue body  dc59reissue knobs


Silvertone Classic 1303/U2 Reissue

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Nama BarangSilvertone Classic 1303/U2 Reissue 1958
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0856 1772 722